Thursday, October 20, 2016


Other than themselves, no one likes either Presidential candidate this year.

Historically, political debates have helped voters clarify candidates’ positions in numerous areas. And to that end they are valuable.

But this year, the Presidential debates seem to only amplify what Americans find most disappointing in politics. Namely, it has turned into a barrage of name calling and fault finding, rather than a time of sharing what each candidate believes will serve America best.

Furthermore, the “winner” of each debate in the minds of many viewers is the one who best articulates their position, rather than the candidate whose solutions appear to best serve the nation.

Consequently, Hillary comes across as the “better” debater. When asked about her support for Obamacare, she immediately tells the heart throbbing story of some poor soul who has been helped by Obamacare. That is a good thing. But she makes no mention that for every person helped by Obamacare, 100 others have had their premiums rise dramatically and their health coverage shrink.

Donald has a knack for bungling his answers. Perhaps the best example of this is his response last night when asked if he would accept the outcome of this election if it did not go his way. He obviously is not going to start an insurrection if he were to lose the Presidential race – but that is how his answer came across.

In America, we pride ourselves on honest open elections. We are a true democracy, and that is how it should be. Stuffing the ballot box is a threat to democracy, and a step down that road should not be “accepted” by Donald or anyone.

Unfortunately, we do find ourselves on that slippery slope. Hillary sabotaged Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary; should it surprise anyone that she would try to rig the general election? In undercover videos, while discussing how one could rig this election, an operative close to the DNC bragged that he had been involved in busing fraudulent voters to the polls in Wisconsin for 50 years. Except he noted that he did it using cars with local license plates so that it would not be obvious.

In another undercover segment, an individual whose organization is closely tied to the DNC bragged that he had hired the person in the wheelchair to disrupt Trump’s campaign stop in Chicago. And that he had hired people in the back to cause cause a disturbance there also, so that the incident with the person in the wheelchair would not be seen as an isolated incident.

WikiLeaks has uncovered several irregularities. There is evidence of collusion between the media and the DNC. This was apparent in last night’s final debate. At the end of the debate it was announced that although it was not on the program and the candidates were not informed of such, each candidate would be given a minute to make a closing statement. Did you detect any indication of surprise on Hillary’s face by this “last minute change?” I noticed she happily proceeded to deliver a 59 second speech that was obviously prepared and rehearsed word for word.

Should this be “accepted” politics in America? I think not.

P.S. Is Hillary more concerned that the Russians are hacking email accounts, or that she got caught in her secret primary race treatment of Bernie Sanders? If she was truly concerned about Russian hacking, she certainly would not have used a personal email server for state business!

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