Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Don’t worry – God is in control.

I have been hearing this increasingly as a response to the frustration with our national election. As I write this, the election results are not in. In the meantime, I am being admonished to sit in my rocking chair and recognize that no matter what happens, I can point my finger at God and say “He did it.”


Is that what the Bible says? (Surely if you believe that God is in control, you also believe the Bible is flawlessly reliable.)

My problem is that I haven’t been able to find that concept in my Bible.

Yes, my Bible says that God is in control. But rather than that causing me to be dismissive, it calls me to action.

My Bible talks about God blessing the Israelites, and also punishing them when they did not repent of their sins. Punishment by death and captivity. For sacrificing their children to Molech (and more).

Well, in the USA we don’t sacrifice our children to Molech. We just chop them up and sell the parts for profit. That is absolutely sickening. But the USA is seriously considering a presidential candidate that has promised to nominate judges to our highest court that will make sure this practice remains legal for decades, with Christians as accomplices via their tax dollars !

If that doesn’t cause Christians to panic, pray, and repent, what will God’s response be?

Worry – God is in control!

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